Valley Venture Mentors Tuesday Monthly Mentorship Meeting 2015

Valley Venture Mentors hosts their Tuesday Monthly Mentorship meeting in Springfield, Mass., during Global Entrepreneurship Week. From VVM's website:

Startup entrepreneurs often lack a deep network of relationships, severely decreasing their survivability.  Meanwhile, many business executives love to mentor but lack a way of easily and enjoyably finding and helping the right ventures. 

A small team of entrepreneurs and business leaders co-founded Valley venture Mentors in 2011 to solve this problem.  The format is simple: put the right people in the same room, give them just enough structure, and then funnel the collisions :). 

 The program meets bimonthly so that mentors have a chance to build real relationships and see how the ventures evolve over time.  Mentors give as much, or as little, time to each venture as they feel appropriate with no long-term commitments or expectations.  The program's leadership guides mentors and entrepreneurs that choose to deepen their relationship.


Tower Square, VVM Accelerator Space

1500 Main Street, 1st Floor, Springfield, MA 01115

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Date & Time 
Tuesday, November 17, 2015 - 5:00pm to 7:00pm