Chief of Staff Job Opening

Summary of the Position

The Chief of Staff at the Mass Tech Collaborative supports, informs, coordinates and facilitates the execution of critical path work products and activities within the agency as well as ensures a cohesive portrayal of the organization to external stakeholders.  Working closely with the Executive Director, Division Directors and other senior managers (the Executive Office), the Chief of Staff plays a key role in the management of work flows by serving as a cross-functional liaison for the Executive Director.  These responsibilities are undertaken to advance the goals and objectives of the Mass Tech Collaborative and the strategic priorities of each of its divisions. The Chief of Staff responsibilities are short-term strategic decision-making and tactical judgments to  (i) advance the needs of the program priorities of the Executive Director, Division Directors and other senior managers; (ii) coordinate important internal and external stakeholder engagement; (iii) facilitate proper attention and support for work streams and work products based upon agreed upon priorities; and (iv) to coordinate key meeting sets and deliverables as established by the Executive Director in consultation with Division Directors and senior managers.

Additional responsibilities include (a) liaison with key stakeholders and visiting delegations, (b) facilitating communications and cross collaboration on the work of each division, (c) management of the interface with the Mass Tech Collaborative Board of Directors and its Executive Committee, and, (d) liaison with the communications department on strategic communications for the agency and its divisions.

Key Objectives

At the direction of and in coordination with the Executive Director, the Chief of Staff will contribute to and direct the timing, sequencing and coordination of work products and related activities throughout the Executive Office at the Mass Tech Collaborative.  Responsibilities include:  

  1. The Chief of Staff is responsible for ensuring the timely implementation of priority work products within the Mass Tech Collaborative Executive Office; synchronizing the completion of this work to reflect priorities established by the Executive Director, Division Directors and senior managers.  These responsibilities require close working relationships with all personnel, as well as responsibility for coordinating internal and external Executive Office communications on behalf of the Executive Director.
  2. The Chief of Staff works in close collaboration with the Executive Director, fully oriented to priorities and persons/events of importance in order to flag and coordinate information and activities at the Mass Tech Collaborative, with support for existing and future Office of the Governor and Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development priorities in mind.
  3. The Chief of Staff will be a key liaison between and among divisions and the corporate offices (e.g. legal, administration and finance, government affairs, facilities) to insure widespread dissemination of important information and to encourage cooperation and collaboration.
  4. The Chief of Staff will work with Executive Director to coordinate all staff communications and work products between the Mass Tech Collaborative and the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development (EOHED).
  5. Management of the interface with the Mass Tech Board of Directors and its Executive Committee.  This includes composing, executing and managing all related matters affecting Board communications; working closely with the Executive Director and designated Division Directors and senior manager to craft the design of meeting programs; providing and composing necessary written materials for review and approval; ensuring successful execution of meetings, including all follow up activities.
  6. The Chief of Staff will work with Executive Director, Division Directors and senior managers to insure Executive Office responsiveness to key stakeholder inquiries and will from time to time participate in or lead Mass Tech Collaborative participation in meetings with visiting delegations or other key stakeholder groups.   At times the Chief of Staff will represent the Mass Tech Collaborative or one of its Division’s at key external gatherings.
  7. Perform additional tasks as may be assigned from time to time by the Executive Director or her designee


  1. Education​​
    • Bachelors Degree from an accredited college or university in public relations and communications or related field
    • Masters Degree preferred
  2. Experience​​
    • 5 - 10 years’ experience in management positions of increasing responsibility involving: senior management at public, private or non-profit institution.
  3. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities​​
    • Demonstrated ability to work across multiple disciplines to achieve strategic goals
    • Knowledge and experience in complex governmental or other organizations
    • Communicate effectively with a variety of constituencies across community and political lines.
    • Ability to understand complex policy issues related to the technology sector, the innovation economy, and economic development
    • Strong written and verbal communication skills
    • Experience creating and maintaining cross-departmental relationships enabling leadership success
    • Excellent PC skills and thorough knowledge of PC applications, e.g., Word, Excel, PageMaker, PowerPoint, Access
    • Work independently, manage multiple priorities, shift priorities when necessary, and meet deadlines


This position is located in Boston, MA.  Candidates must be able to travel periodically to the Mass Tech Collaborative Westborough campus. 


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How to Apply

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