Innovation Index

A central activity of the Innovation Institute is the production of the MassTech Collaborative’s annual publication, The Index of the Massachusetts Innovation Economy.Cover-2015/16 Innovation Index

Since 1997, the Index has provided users with a wealth of data and information for assessing the performance and progress of the Commonwealth’s innovation economy. 

By means of 22 indicators, the Index offers a comprehensive view of several dimensions of the innovation ecosystem. Using a robust selection of data sources, the Index benchmarks Massachusetts against nine Leading Technology States throughout the United States to reveal relative strengths and weaknesses. With the guidance and advice of its Advisory Committee, the Innovation Institute revisits the indicators and framework annually to remain current with the evolving understanding of the Innovation Economy in order to provide timely insights into its strengths and weaknesses.

The Index also includes a special analysis section that is conceptualized as a forward-looking but directly relevant assessment and commentary on a critical issue in the Commonwealth and its innovation economy.

How to Engage:  

Indictator 2-graph for Occupations by employment concentration and annual pay



Starting the Conversation

The Index is an important tool enabling stakeholders and policymakers to engage in dialogue, and to ask and answer: What will it take to preserve, enhance, strengthen and grow the industry clusters of the knowledge based innovation economy in Massachusetts?


To Learn more about the Innovation Index please contact James Byrnes