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What is GEIR?

To attract and retain more qualified entrepreneurs and their growing companies within Massachusetts, the Global Entrepreneur in Residence Program (GEIR) was established in the 2014 Jobs Bill.

Retain more Grads, Foster More Startups, Incubate More Ideas = Greater Economic Growth

Through the GEIR, universities will partner with the Commonwealth to provide valuable, relevant part-time work opportunities which will initiate a cap-exempt H-1B visa application process. Participating universities will act as the “sponsor” for filing cap-exempt H-1B petitions for graduates with advanced degrees who want to grow their companies but cannot due to a lack of available H-1B visa slots. This part-time employment authorization will enable the entrepreneur’s start-up company to apply for the entrepreneur’s work authorization, also in a cap-exempt visa category, and ultimately will allow the company, and new high-skill jobs, to grow here in Massachusetts. 

The GEIR pilot will be implemented in partnership with the University of Massachusetts Boston and the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Global EIR Process


Interested in participating in GEIR? 

To help candidates do a preliminary evaluation of their individual eligibility, certain program criteria as laid out in state law include:

  • Candidates must be a start-up entrepreneur in a leadership position (CEO, Co-Founder, or the like) within an early-stage venture;
  • Candidates must have a master’s degree or above in STEM or related business fields; and
  • Candidate’s start-up venture must be headquartered in Massachusetts and able to affiliate with a venture center within UMass Boston or UMass Lowell.

Statement of Interest Document

Below is a link to download a Statement of Interest form for the Massachusetts Global Entrepreneur in Residence program.

NOTE: This is not an official application for the program. Candidates are not being assessed at this time.

The total number of program participants will be based on potential funds appropriated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts during the FY2016 budget process as well as any matching funds provided by the private sector or other interested organizations to support the program. Until those resources are identified, the program will only be accepting statements of interest from interested candidates. 

To identify your interest, qualified entrepreneurs and those seeking an H-1B non-profit affiliation through their existing employer should fully complete and submit the following form, along with the documents requested.

As the program further develops, the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative will identify qualified candidates according to the program criteria listed above and will contact qualified candidates to request formal applications.

Download a Statement of Interest Form

For program questions -OR- to submit a completed Statement of Interest form and supporting documents, please email

Do You Represent a University or are you a Start-Up Investor?

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