This is the first webinar in a series of monthly 90-minute virtual sessions called ATT&CKcon Power Hours. Hear these great speakers share key insights from their work with MITRE ATT&CK®—all in a series of quick power presentations. It’s the same great people and content you’ve come to love from ATT&CKcon packed into 90 fun, fast minutes.


  • Starting Over with Sub-Techniques: Lessons Learned Remapping Detection Analytics

  • Using Mitre PRE-ATT&CK and ATT&CK in Cybercrime Education and Research

  • Without Attacking: Transforming Adversary Emulations into a Data Analysis Question

  • Detecting ATT&CKS with Dynamic Thresholds Using Tukey's Test and Azure Sentinel

  • TA505: A Study of High-End Big Game Hunting in 2020

  • What's New With ATT&CK for Cloud

Event Info

Date & Time 
Friday, October 9, 2020 - 1:00pm to 2:30pm