Boston FinTech Week 2019


Fin Tech Sandbox, a Boston-based non-profit, hosts this annual event which will take place over four days this September and will feature 47 events, 200 speakers, and over 120 organizations.

From their website:

"FinTech is harnessing data and technology to redefine an individual or institutions unique financial needs, including those historically too difficult to reach or uneconomical to serve. This shift will profoundly alter what products and services will be available and when. It will challenge regulators and drive unexpected partnerships. It will engage every stakeholder, require cultural change and reward value creation.

"This year,  leaders and innovators will focus on answering an important question, what does increased access in financial services look like? Join us to deep dive on the critical evolution underway in financial services and what it means to entrepreneurs, investors, institutions,  and importantly, the consumer."

Learn more via their Frequently Asked Questions page (PDF).


Event Info

Date & Time 
Monday, September 9, 2019 (All day) to Thursday, September 12, 2019 (All day)
Multiple Locations
United States