Collaborative Research Matching Grant Program Request for Grant Applications

Collaborative Research Matching Grant Program Request for Grant Applications

RFP No. 2020-JAII-04


The John Adams Innovation Institute (“Innovation Institute”), a division of the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative (“Mass Tech Collaborative”), is offering matching funds for capital expenditures made in connection with promising, large-scale collaborative research projects that are sponsored by public, private, nonprofit entities and nonprofit research institutions in the Commonwealth.

The Collaborative Research Matching Grant Program is intended to support large-scale, collaborative research projects involving two or more research organizations that have the most potential to spur innovation, cluster development, new business formation, and job growth through industry partnerships in the Commonwealth. The role of universities is central to the objectives of this solicitation which seeks to build on and expand collaboration amongst research institutions and industry. All Grant Applications must include collaboration amongst two or more universities or research institutions.

Working in close collaboration with the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development (“EOHED”) in Massachusetts, the Innovation Institute seeks to support both basic and applied research projects that will have the most potential to spur innovation, cluster development, new business formation and job growth in the Commonwealth. With the convergence of technologies made possible by advances in computing and related advances in digital technologies of all kinds, both the EOHED and the Innovation Institute are welcoming applications focused on developing new technologies, systems integration facilities, computing, and other platform infrastructures that improve the competitiveness of industry clusters and address demonstrated needs in the marketplace.

This grant application is offered through an open solicitation.

Applicants are encouraged to notify the Innovation Institute of their interest to apply and are asked (but not required) to submit a preliminary concept paper prior to submitting a full application.

All infrastructure awards and resulting expenditures are subject to the availability of bond funding from the Commonwealth as determined by EOHED and the Executive Office for Administration and Finance.

In an effort to better leverage the infrastructure supported through state research and development bond fund resources, the Innovation Institute will consider providing modest operating support for specific project activities. These companion requests, intended to be for smaller dollar amounts, will be considered through the sole discretion of the Innovation Institute at the Mass Tech Collaborative. Any funding decisions on operating support will be made based on the described need, added benefits, and the availability of scarce operating funds.

Full details included in the RFP below.

Team Lead James Byrnes,
RFA Originally Issued: July 8, 2013
RFA Re-Issued: November 27, 2019
Answers to Questions Posted: Posted Within Seven Business Days of Receipt
Responses Due Rolling Submission
Eligible Applicant Presentations: As Requested by the Mass Tech

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