Academic Article Output

Indicator 7:  Academic Article Output


How Does Massachusetts Perform?

Indicator 7: Academic Article Output: 23,172 Academic Science & Engineering Articles (S&E) produced in 2015 (3rd nationally), #1 in U.S. and globally for Academic S&E Articles produced per-capita in 2015, Since 2004, Mass. had the highest output per $1M nationally six times and was 2nd seven times

Massachusetts has maintained a high rate of Science and Engineering (S&E) Academic Article Output relative to its population in 2015, the most recent year for which data are available. In 2015, S&E Academic Article Output climbed to 3,411 academic articles per million residents, more than three times the U.S. average (1,005). Massachusetts also ranked first internationally in 2015, outperforming second-place Switzerland by roughly 29.1%, or 768 articles per million residents.

Massachusetts also performs well in terms of academic productivity per dollar. It continues to lead the LTS in article output per million dollars of academic R&D funding. In 2005, 2010, and 2015, Massachusetts produced more S&E Academic Articles per R&D dollar than all other LTS and the nation overall. In 2015, the state reported 6.8 articles per million academic R&D dollar spent. Massachusetts also led in a second measure of research productivity, articles per 1,000 S&E Doctorate Holders. The median of the rest of the LTS (996) is 28.2% lower than Massachusetts’ 1,388 figure.

Articles per researcher and articles per dollar both decreased from 2013-2015 in both the U.S. and Massachusetts, along with almost every LTS.  Rhode Island is the only state in which both increased.



Data Source for Indicator 7: NSF, CPI