Research and Development

Indicator 6:  Research and Development


How Does Massachusetts Perform?

Indicator 6: Research and Development text box statsMassachusetts had the second highest overall level of R&D funding in the country in 2015 at $28.7B, ahead of Texas ($23.7B).  R&D as a percentage of GDP in Massachusetts remained the highest among the LTS, at 5.86% in 2015, the same as 2014.  While Massachusetts is the leader in R&D as a percentage of GDP, California still maintains a significant lead in total R&D funding ($125.06B in 2015).

The majority of R&D in 2015 was performed by private industry throughout the LTS. In 2015, 74.95% of R&D expenditures in Massachusetts were made by private industry, placing Massachusetts eighth in the LTS. Massachusetts ranks fourth among the LTS in terms of R&D performed by universities, colleges, and other non-profit organizations with $5.2B, a 4.49% increase from 2010-2015. Massachusetts also has the second highest percentage of R&D performed at Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (4.79%) in the LTS, following Illinois.



Data Source for Indicator 6: National Science Foundation (NSF), BEA, CPI