Public Investment in Education

Indicator 18:  Public Investment in Education


How Does Massachusetts Perform?

Indicator 18:  Public Investment in Education text box stats: $15,593 in 2016 public school spending per student (8th nationally)  6th in Educational Appropriations per student among LTS

Massachusetts continues its above-average spending per pupil on public elementary and secondary school systems ($15,593). Of the LTS, only New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey spend more per student than Massachusetts, which spends approximately $4,000 more per student than the national average.

In terms of higher education, appropriations per full-time-equivalent (FTE) student in Massachusetts ($8,741) is slightly above the LTS average ($8,165) and more significantly above the U.S. average ($7,642). In this measure Massachusetts places 6th among the LTS but is 9th amongst LTS in student share (43.6%). This reflects the relatively high cost of education in Massachusetts compared to other LTS. Of the five LTS ahead of Massachusetts in appropriations, four of them have lower student shares.

Massachusetts’ state higher education appropriations per student ($8,741) have increased by 20.6% since 2012. Illinois had the highest level of state higher education appropriations per student in 2017, leading the LTS at $15,468, 30.4% more than in 2012, with a student share of 32.1%.



Data Source for Indicator 18: State Higher Education Office, Census Bureau, ACS