Tech Hub Collaborative

Tech Hub Collaborative

Massachusetts is already globally recognized for the talent in its top universities, the world-class R&D of its corporations, and its vibrant churn of new startup ventures. The Mass Tech Hub Collaborative strives to harness the assets and resources of this dynamic ecosystem to expand the tech community, advance its future competitiveness, and strengthen its contributions to the state economy at-large. 

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The innovation economy is the economy that transforms knowledge into products, processes and services that fuel economic growth, create employment and wealth, and generate significant improvements in the regions standard of living.

Innovation ecosystem is the term used to describe the large and diverse array of participants sand resources that contribute to and are necessary for ongoing innovation in a modern economy. The includes entrepreneurs, investors, researches, university faculty, venture capitalists as well as business development and other technical services providers such as accountants, designers, contract manufacturers, and providers of skills training and professional development.