The Latino STEM Alliance

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The Latino STEM Alliance is a program focused on expanding access to STEM education and promoting STEM career interest in Boston and Gateway Cities across Massachusetts through education integrated with technology. It partners with inner-city schools and local community organizations to provide both in-class and after-school STEM learning, along with partnerships with universities and employers to bolster the program and provide examples of STEM careers.

The Latino STEM Alliance starts by showing how technology can be integrated into the standard classroom curriculums in elementary school. For middle school, it offers supplies, teacher training, and a robotics curriculum to expand upon the foundation established earlier. The program includes lessons on how to design, build, program, and debug robots with a parallel focus on developing important skills like critical thinking and teamwork. At the end of the year there is a robotics competition for students, giving them a chance to display what they’ve learned and be inspired by others.

While the focus has been entirely on elementary schools and middle schools, there is a pilot high school program during the 2018-2019 school year.  The program, which currently exists in Boston, Lawrence, Haverhill, and Chelsea, is estimated to reach 1,200 elementary and middle school students.

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