Manufacturing Emergency Response Team Funding Program

Manufacturing Emergency Response Team

Request for Funding

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has an urgent need for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers. Hospital and health networks fighting on the front-lines of the Commonwealth's COVID-19 response face immediate shortages of the equipment necessary to keep them safe from contagion while caring for our community.

The Manufacturing Emergency Response Team (M-ERT), as part of a coordinated response between academia, industry, and government, has provided this form as the method by which manufacturers may request funding from the Commonwealth to support the expansion of their production capabilities to make PPE and other critical equipment.

The Manufacturing Emergency Response Funding is a partnership between the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development, Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, Massachusetts Life Sciences Center, Commonwealth Corporation, and the Massachusetts Manufacturing Innovation Initiative.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Other Equipment Needed

The following items are considered priority items and manufacturers may use this process to request funding to increase production of these items, and additional items may be considered.

PRIORITY ITEMS (as of 4/17/20):

  1. Invasive or Multifunctional Ventilators - FDA certified
  2. N95 Respirators - FDA certified
  3. Surgical Masks
  4. Surgical Gowns S/M/L/XL
  5. Sanitizer wipes (cans)
  6. Nasopharyngeal swab - FDA approved for testing
  7. Nasopharyngeal swab - Non FDA approved for testing
  8. Viral transport medium, ml
  9. Procedure Masks
  10. Nitrile Exam Gloves S/M/L/XL

Please note that Priority Items change on a regular basis. Any application submitted for one of the priority items may be informed that demand projections have changed and their application will be considered at a later date if demand projections change. Additionally, applicants may be asked to consider producing alternative products, if their capabilities align with priority items that are in high demand.

Eligible Applicants

This funding is for manufacturers and contributing companies within Massachusetts to increase their in state production of PPE and other critical equipment. Please note that all workforce training and capital investment must be within the Commonwealth.

Other applicants will be considered if they may contribute to the production of equipment listed above. If an applicant is not a manufacturer, the applicant must show how their request is directly tied to the production of manufacturing PPE and must show support from manufacturers for their project. This support can be agreements with manufactures or letters of support or other appropriate documentation. Applicants that do not show their direct impact and connection to manufacturing are not likely to be funded through this process.

Type of Funding

Funding requests for equipment and workforce training will be considered through this process. For workforce training grants the limit is $80,000 per company (i.e. 40 workers).

If the applicant is dedicating funding to the work of this project it should be noted in the application in the “matching fund” section of the application. Matching funds are not required, but will be considered when reviewing the application. Matching funds may include any funding, staff time, equipment, supply or materials purchase, or other investment from the company or other sources, that will go to support activities related to implementation of the work noted in the application.


This application is open immediately and will remain open until further notice. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and reviewed weekly by the Manufacturing ERT. Additional information or clarification may be needed after the submission of the application. 

All applicants must fill out the funding application by clicking the button ‘Apply Now’ below. If you have not done so already, fill out the Capacity Index information on the M-ERT form in order to be considered for funding. The M-ERT form is located here (select the 2nd ‘Business Category’ for manufacturers). You do not need to resubmit the M-ERT form.

All goods produced through this process may be subject to a right of first offer to the Commonwealth.

Review Criteria

This funding is meant to help manufacturers quickly ramp up production. Therefore, reasonable requests from legitimate manufacturers that result in the production of the largest quantity of PPE in the shortest amount of time will be given preference. Preference will also be given to manufacturers able to produce priority items listed above.

  1. Request Reasonableness: The applicant is requesting a reasonable amount of funding related to the production increase promised in the application. Applicants providing matching funds is not required, but requests will be prioritized.
  2. Legitimacy of the Request: The ability of the applicant to produce promised materials. This will include a review of the production capacity form.
  3. Production of Priority Item: The applicant is producing items on the Priority List.
  4. Production Amount: The applicant will produce an increased amount of PPE, the larger quantities will be given preference.
  5. Production Timeline: The applicant will produce an increased amount of PPE rapidly, the shorter timelines to production will be given preference.


All applicants will have to report on progress and production monthly to the Program Office of the Manufacturing Emergency Resource Team.


For questions please email: