Request for Proposals: Collaborative Research Matching Grant Program

RFP No. 2014-JAII-01

Working in close collaboration with the Massachusetts Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development, the Innovation Institute at MassTech will administer up to $50 Million in funds through a Collaborative Research Matching Grant Program.  Through the allocation of matching grant funds for capital expenditures, the Commonwealth will identify and support key opportunities to strengthen and expand the state’s innovation economy, with a focus on industry clusters with the potential to achieve competitive dominance. 

The Matching Grant Program is intended to support large-scale, long-term Collaborative Research Projects that have the most potential to spur innovation, cluster development and job growth through industry partnerships in the Commonwealth.  In order to be eligible to receive funds from the Matching Grant Program, the applicant must be a research university, non-profit research institution, or other non-profit entity legally organized in Massachusetts.   All proposals must include collaboration amongst two or more universities or research institutions.