Science from Scientists

Science from Scientists logo: Image of Robot with test tube


Founded in 2002, Science from Scientists (SfS) helps bolster interest and proficiency in STEM fields for elementary through middle school students. Originally founded in Boston, the program expanded to the Bay Area in California in 2014, Central Massachusetts in 2015, and to Bloomington, MN, in 2016.

SfS runs in-school hands-on STEM lessons by partnering with schools serving grades 3 through 8. A pair of scientists then goes to each school every other week for the entire school year, working with the teachers each visit to select from over 90 modular lessons to run. In 2018 they worked with over 70 schools to impact over 9,000 students, with 92% of teachers surveyed saying they saw real passion for science developing in their classrooms, and 82% of students surveyed reporting increased interest in science. They also cited real impact on both science quizzes and tests, including the MCAS. In addition to their in-class lessons they also offer assistance to teachers and students from grades 3-12 in running science fairs, offering help in everything from administration, to tutoring students, and even judging the fair.

SfS also offers the Scientist-Teacher Partnerships (STP) program, helping teachers be more comfortable with STEM classes and activities. STP is broken into three parts: workshops for the teachers, modeling and practice of the lessons, and time to assimilate and integrate the lessons into their unit plans.

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