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Tech Foundry is a Western Massachusetts IT training program that runs for 14 weeks during which participants meet five days a week totaling 20 hours per week. The Springfield-based program generally meets 12:30-5PM and has four different technological focuses: networking, data analysis, programming, and computer troubleshooting.

The program started to come together in April 2013 and the first class began in July 2014, where it was at first a six-week full-time program for high-school seniors. In September of 2014 they changed to a nine month afterschool program of five hours per week, and by 2016 more than 100 students had been served. In 2015 they then switched to the current form of the program for students who have already graduated high school.

Students in the program earn badges after completing three components for each, broken into learn, demonstrate, and application. They start with learning the basics in a hands-on environment, then once finished, move on to a project or assignment to demonstrate their understanding. Finally the application section involves their ability to pass on the knowledge, with options from creating a video tutorial to teaching fellow students.

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