The MassTech Intern Partnership

How to Apply for Summer 2016 Intern Stipends

Companies: Check your eligibility + complete the application checklist

Read First: The MassTech Intern Partnership (MTIP) is supporting stipends for internships at digital technology startups and companies during Summer 2016. Stipends are available first-come, first-serve to eligible companies that hire eligible interns and are contingent on funding availability. This summer, MTIP is partnering with TechGen to facilitate the internship matching process between companies and students. For purposes of this program, the summer period is defined as the timeframe between May 1, 2016-September 15, 2016.

Stipends are available only on a reimbursement basis, for up to 50% of payroll costs for up to 2 interns during the program period. Maximum reimbursement is $10/hour for a total of $4,800 per year per individual intern. The deadline for claiming reimbursement is October 31, 2016. Questions? Please contact

For Companies

Review Eligibility Guidelines before beginning a MTIP internship stipend application.

Step 2: 
Sign-up for TechGen to post your internship and find your intern(s).

Step 3:
If you will be needing stipend reimbursement to hire an intern, be sure to submit a completed Stipend Application Checklist and supporting materials to, before formalizing any internship offers. 

--At this point company applications will be reviewed to confirm company and student eligibility and MassTech will assess the availability of funding--

Step 4:
If approved to participate, applicants will be notified via email and receive next steps. Prior to the start of an internships, a company must complete and submit the Intern Sponsorship Agreement (requires signature). MassTech will not be able to reimburse for any hours worked prior to the receipt of the Internship Sponsorship Agreement

Step 5:
Please review the Reimbursement Checklist for payment guidelines and what documents are needed when claiming reimbursement. MassTech provides reimbursement to eligible companies at the conclusion of the internshipThe submission deadline for all summer reimbursement materials is October 31, 2016.

For Students

Step 1:
Head over to TechGen to create your profile and start applying for internships. Once your TechGen profile is complete, no further action is necessary on your part. If you are chosen for an internship by a company participating in TechGen, the company will be responsible for completing an application for a stipend through the MassTech Intern Partnership if they are eligible and interested in this opportunity.