Mass Caregiving Initiative

The Mass Caregiving Initiative was created to support caregivers in their communities and workplaces by partnering with the public and private sectors to drive innovation in the Commonwealth.

The Initiative has three focus areas:

EmployersThe Massachusetts Caregiver Coalition emphasizes helping employers support their employees who are family caregivers. Launched more than a year ago in partnership with the Mass Business Roundtable and others, it continues its work to drive public/private collaboration in order to recognize, honor, and support caregivers.

Community - We are working with partners such as the Executive Office of Elder Affairs and Mass Home Care to address the needs of caregivers and their supporting communities.

Innovation - working with partners to highlight solutions that leaders and organizations can use to lessen caregiver stress and support caregivers.  This includes an Innovations in Caregiving Webinar Series that will publicize research data and highlight innovative approaches, products, and services that respond to the data points and empower caregivers.


Any Care Counts

The Mass Caregiving Initiative, along with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, is supporting ARCHANGELS’s Any Care Counts campaign as a way to recognize and support the over one million unpaid caregivers across the Commonwealth by connecting them to available resources in Massachusetts.

By taking this confidential 2-minute quiz, you can get your Intensity Score. You’ll also get a snapshot of the top four factors most driving and alleviating that intensity. You’ll see that you are not alone, and can connect to resources for support. 

One in four of us are “in the Red.”  Click HERE to find your score.



The Massachusetts Caregiver Coalition Annual Summit - November 18, 2021 

The Massachusetts Caregiver Coalition hosted its Anniversary Summit at PWC in Boston’s Seaport district to highlight how the Coalition raises awareness around the needs of unpaid family caregivers who work across the Commonwealth. Watch the entire Summit or view specific presentations at this link.


Webinar Recordings

Innovations in Caregiving: The COVID-19 Recovery Challenge | May 4, 2022 | Recording  Passcode: *#4z*ok!

Innovations in Caregiving: Social Isolation and Loneliness Among Older Adults | October 28, 2021 | Recording

Innovations in Caregiving: Improving the Lives of Dementia Caregivers | June 24, 2021 | Recording

Innovations in Caregiving: From Unmet Needs to Measurable Outcomes | April 29, 2021 | Recording

Innovations in Caregiving: COVID, Caregiver Intensity, and Mental Health - moving from data to action to support unpaid caregivers February 11, 2021 | Recording

Massachusetts Caregiving Infographic