Digital Health Sandbox Program Solicitation

Grant Solicitation for Digital Health Sandbox Program

Solicitation No. (2019 - MeHI - 02)

The Massachusetts eHealth Institute (“MeHI”), a division of the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative (“Mass Tech Collaborative”), is offering grants to fund projects to support companies looking to test and validate new products and services in a sandbox environment. MassTech Collaborative anticipates awarding grants in the range of $25,000 to $60,000.

MeHI is releasing this solicitation for applications from Massachusetts digital health companies seeking support to test and validate their products or services in a sandbox environment. This is a rolling solicitation and any responses submitted after the initial deadline will be reviewed on a periodic basis pursuant to the evaluation criteria set forth in this solicitation. Information on the participating sandboxes and their capabilities will be kept up-to-date on Sandboxes will be periodically added as they are approved by MeHI. Applicants should carefully review the information to determine which sandbox can support their testing needs and they must engage in conversations with the sandboxes before applying. A signed letter of support from the applicant's selected sandbox is required as part of the application.

Sandbox Grant Process

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Full details included in the Grant Solicitation below.


Team Lead Katherine Green, green (at)
Solicitation Issued and Posted April 24, 2019
Applications Due Rolling 

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