Robotics Resources

Massachusetts is the place to be for those interested in robotics.  Please scroll down the page to view some of what Massachusetts has to offer.

Learning Opportunities for Robotics in Massachusetts


Massachusetts has educational resources at all levels for people who are interested in robotics.  Whether you are an elementary school student or an interested adult, we encourage you to explore the many options available.  Click on the images below to download lists for Robotics Teams, Degree & Certificate Programs, and Meetup Groups.


Educational Resources for Robotics Teams pdfHigher education resources for robotics programs in MassachusettsEducational Resources Meetup groups pdf


Massachusetts Robotics Ecosystem


Massachusetts has a robust robotics ecosystem. Click on the links below to download lists of Massachusetts robotics companies, colleges & universities, and research institutions.  View the full Robotics Ecosystem map here.

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World-Class Robotics Research Centers


Massachusetts is home to some of the world's most innovative research centers. Researchers are performing groundbreaking primary and applied robotics research, in a wide variety of related disciplines. Learn more about a handful of them that are highlighted below.