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Summer 2022 

Supported by the Baker-Polito Administration and the Massachusetts Legislature, the MassTech Intern Partnership (MTIP) program provides stipends to digital technology companies that are starting and scaling-up across Massachusetts to directly support internships for Massachusetts college and graduate students.

The program enables eligible companies to hire eligible interns, helping drive innovation and keeping our tech sector dynamic, vibrant, and growing across the Commonwealth. Companies can be reimbursed for up to 50% of the intern's hourly wage up to $8 per hour for a total of $3,200/year per individual intern. Eligible companies may apply for up to 2 interns per period. This year, eligible companies in the priority focus areas of Cybersecurity, Digital Health, Fintech, and Robotics may apply for up to 3 interns per program period. All interns must be compensated as employees, not contractors, with required payroll withholdings.

The 2022 MTIP program continues to support digital technology startups and tech companies on the critical pathway to growth. In order to be eligible to participate, companies must:

  1. be headquartered in Massachusetts;
  2. have 250 or fewer employees;  
  3. hire a talented eligible intern this summer; and
  4. pay the intern as a W-2 employee with required payroll withholdings.

Important Updates for 2022: 

MTIP will begin accepting applications on April 1, 2022.

This year, eligible Cybersecurity, Digital Health, Fintech, and Robotics companies may apply for up to 3 interns per program period. 

Application Steps for Interested Companies:

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Interested companies must apply to reserve funding. Stipend reimbursements will be issued at the end of the summer to accepted companies with signed Intern Sponsorship Agreements only.

Help us spread the word by downloading the following flyer:

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